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Traditional Birch Bark Handmade Crafts

These unique crafts are hand made by members of the Red Lake Band of Chippewa Indians of the Red Lake Nation in northern Minnesota.

Call our retail & distribution center to customize any birch bark products: 1-888-225-2108

Birch Bark Container (Large)

Handcrafted using white birch bark, sinew & willow trim. Bottom is made from sturdy plywood.

At 7" tall x 14" wide x 44" circumference, this is a HUGE basket & will fit many of gift items.

Please call us at 1-888-225-2108 if you would like to create a custom gift basket out of this gorgeous piece!

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304 - Birch Bark Container (Large) $39.99

Birch Bark Winnow Basket (Large Size)

These full sized birch bark winnow baskets (nooshkaachinaagan) are used by the Chippewa people in the old traditional method of processing natural lake wild rice. Once the hulls have been separated from the rice through the process of "jigging", the rice is then placed in the winnow basket and tossed into the air where the husks are separated and removed by the wind. The clean rice seeds fall back into the basket and are then made ready for storage.

Each basket measures appx. 18"L x 12" W x 4" deep.

Please allow for natural variations in each basket. Call our retail and distribution outlet to customize any of our gift baskets with your favorite Red Lake Nation Food products. 1-888-225-2108

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302 - Birch Bark Winnow Basket (Large Size) $59.99

Birch Bark Winnow Basket (Medium)

This birch bark basket is a smaller version of a traditional winnow basket (nooshkaachinaagan), used to separate wild rice from the hull in the traditional method of wild rice harvesting. Each basket measures appx. 11" L x 9" W x 3" deep. As natural variations occur, no two birch bark pieces are ever exactly the same.

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301 - Birch Bark Winnow Basket (Medium) $19.99

Birch Bark Photo Frame-Handcrafted

These frames are detailed with intricately laquered birch bark cut outs of bear paw prints & a scalloped edge in contrasting shades. Richly detailed, these frames will hold either an 11 x 13" photo or use the included matte to hold your favorite 8 x 10". We have just one left in stock, truly one of a kind.

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BBPFR - Birch Bark Photo Frame-Handcrafted $65.00

Flat Bottom Birch Bark Canoe

Our canoes are made by hand & feature a sturdy wood bottom with a birch bark exterior.

Please allow for natural variations.

Measures appx. 4.25" tall (at lowest point) 7" tall (at highest point) with a 5.5" wide opening and 17" long.

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FBCANOE - Flat Bottom Birch Bark Canoe $23.99

Handcrafted Miniature Birch Bark Canoe - 3.5" L

These cute little birch bark canoes (wiigwaasi-jiimaan) are hand crafted in birch bark & sinew & measure appx. 3.75" L x 1.25" H. Makes a cute Christmas tree ornament. Each set of three comes in a gift box. Please allow for natural variations.

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333 - Handcrafted Miniature Birch Bark Canoe - 3.5" L $14.99

Ojibwe Handcrafted Birch Bark Tissue Box Cover

Made of white birch bark & sinew. Covers a cube size tissue box (not included). Allow for natural variations. Makes a nice office/housewarming gift. Measures appx. 5.25" W x 4.75" H.

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327 - Ojibwe Handcrafted Birch Bark Tissue Box Cover $19.99

Ojibwe Handcrafted Birch Bark Picture Frame 11x14

Handcrafted with white birch bark & sinew covering for a standard 11" x 14" photo.

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326 - Handcrafted Birch Bark Picture Frame 11x14 $24.99